Open de France is among the top critical stages of the coveted European Tour and the biggest in France’s golfing season. The event is the only one that showcases men golfers who rule throughout Europe.

The European Tour was first created in 1972, but the Open de France has been in existence since 1906. It is considered as the oldest open national tournament in continental Europe. Since its inception, many golfers have won the tournament with many of them receiving millions of euros. Today, the cash prize can rise to 3 million euros for the ultimate winner.

The European Tour brings together important tournaments that are played in Europe involving golfers from Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The top-ranked golfers from the tournaments book their spots to play in Dubai.

The tournament gives rookies the chance to climb up the list of the élite golfers. The prizes are small in the first stages of the European Tour. However, after the tournament, rookies and young professionals can rate their skills based on the tournament’s outcome.

The tournament is important for the juniors, beginners, young professionals, and pro-golfers.

The Alps Tour (an early stage tournament of the European Tour), takes place in France with about five heats each year. The Alps Tour is a stepping stone for the top 5 golfers who gain the opportunity to play in the Challenge Tour which is also an early stage of the European Tour.

The tournament is fierce, with small prizes along the way but all, including legendary golfers, can covet the final award.

The Languedoc Roussillon Golf Course will be hosting several stages of the European Tour in the 2020 season.

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